Alexandra Millarhouse

is a children's author/illustrator, scientist, science communication professional and amateur naturalist.  She sees picture books as critical spaces for social justice, ecological literacy, and celebrations of self. Focusing on the connections between and within us, her work is one part science, two parts magic and mystery. 

Like many others drawn to writing and illustrating for children, Alexandra loved books from an early age. Alexandra also loved being outside any chance she got. She would spend hours looking closely at the world, while talking to the plants and animals around her - a habit that never really went away. 

When she turned 10, she got her first set of paints and was sent into the backyard to practice painting blades of grass (which was not as zen as it sounds). 

Alexandra's fascination with the world became a BA in Geosciences, and a career in STEM. She earned her MS in Natural Resources: Environmental Thought & Culture, where her research examined how metaphor use impacts environmental attitudes and behaviors towards pollution (read Alexandra's peer reviewed research).

Living in VT with her family, Alexandra is actively involved in re-wilding efforts and shifting perceptions of urban green spaces. She is an elected member of the City's Cemetery Commission and a founding member of Grow Wild.